Dropped Nikon D5600 Camera. Intact and everything is working except for the flash. What to fix it?

When I press the shutter button half way down to focus, my camera makes a weird click sound when the flash is up. The shutter will bring the flash up, but the flash won’t flash.

Steve P

It's always amusing to hear people asking how they can fix an extremely complex, high tech piece of equipment such as a DSLR. The simple answer is YOU don't fix it. The camera is DAMAGED. It might be cost effective to have it repaired, but perhaps not. At the very least, a qualified repair shop is going to have to inspect and test the camera and give you an estimate. Now to preach at you. I have never dropped a camera in my life, but such questions come up on here often. I want to slap people in the face when I see them using a camera with the strap dangling around in the breeze. The strap is there for a reason. USE IT. if you are like me and a neck strap drives you nuts, there are alternatives such as across the body straps that secure the camera at your waist area but allow full use when needed. Personally, I simply use a good wrist strap on my cameras, but, no matter what you have to secure the camera... USE IT. There is just no excuse for "dropping" a camera.


It will need professional repair ... which for cameras usually costs $100 to $200 per hour with a 15 or 30 minute minimum. The lesson Might cost you enough that you will find a way to prevent dropping any camera ever again.


Take or send it to an authorized Nikon service center. Cameras are NOT DIY friendly.


Get it fixed by Nikon, and use the strap next time.

Vinegar Taster

You're looking at a $300 repair cost .

Frank: It broke. https

It broke. https://www.nikonusa.com/en/service-and-support/service-and-repair.page


You need to have the camera and lens serviced. I fear there is more to just a damaged flash. Call the store you bought the camera from and ask for the nearest authorized Nikon service center. When you go there, bring the sales receipt if you still have it. This is a new model. It might still have factory warranty left.


repair shop is in your future

Big Mike