If they CAN build a DSLR that records a 1080p video without a crop factor, why can't they build one that records @ 4k without crop factor?

I use canon's 17mm TS-E lens for architectural videos. It behaves as a 17mm when recording 1080p video. But behaves as a 29 mm when i record in 4k. Its a bit crazy. I know i can use a 10 mm lens that behaves as a 17 mm but this is no Tilt/ shift lens, so it ends up destroying all the efforts of keeping the vertical lines vertical.


they can.but most users buy SLRs to shoot photography...we also have mirrorless to shoot 4K...


Why not just buy a camcorder to begin with?


4K only collects data from the middle of the sensor. So what you want is to collect data from the whole sensor. The problem is full frame has an enormous number of pixels. The electronics can't keep up with the amount of data. They could make a larger sensor with a lower number of pixels. The problem is sales. Nobody would buy such a camera for still photos. They could make a dedicated low resolution full frame sensor camera but the sales would not be enough.

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Thank you for yet another reason to explain why dSLRs, designed for still image capture, are not the correct choice for video capture.

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Hi so give it time it will happen.


They already exist from Panasonic (e.g. GH4 and GH5), and some of the Sony cameras. None of the Canon cameras use the entire sensor when recording 4K. Not because Canon can't do it, but because they don't want to do it. Canon sells 4K camcorders and putting a DSLR on the market that uses the entire frame in video mode will hurt their camcorder sales. Nikon is so far behind in video, I just think that they don't have the patented technology to do it. Unlike Canon, who's been making camcorders for more than 30 years, Nikon never got into it. Instead, they use to purchase Sony camcorders and re-brand them as their own. And because of it, Nikon is the worst DSLR for video; right down there with Pentax.