Should I wait for the Canon Eos Rebel T8i DSLR camera or should I get the T7i now?

My birthday is in a few days and I don’t know if I should wait for the T8i to come out or just get the T7i right on my birthday. It’s rumored that the T8i is going to come out sometime this month because the T7i was realeased around this time 2 years ago. There are other people saying that it’ll take longer though. What should I do?


Don't be in a hurry to buy a new model right when it is released. Many new products go through a 'debugging' phase and are subsequently revised to correct problems, errors, and omissions. Let the most adventurous and well-heeled buyers have first crack at it. Later, some of them will be more than willing to tell of their experiences, from which you might benefit. For now, it would be most sensible for you to buy a proven model so you will have a better chance of a good experience.


If you are going to miss important shots without a camera, then you have to consider that. However, if there isn't an immediate dire need for a camera, then I'd wait because Canon is in a bit of problem with all of their different models. The problem is that they have far too many models with not too much difference between adjacent models. So the rumor is that they will be combining the features of a few bodies into one. There are rumors that the T8i will be announced this month. There are also rumors that Canon is coming out with their first APS-C format mirrorless camera, which may be a better option than a traditional DSLR for some users. No word if Canon intends to come out with IBIS or when the new cameras will be announced, but it seems likely early this year according to CR. Go to for more info.