Are RCA and AV cables the same?



What are commonly called RCA cables are a type of audio cables. RCA cables tend to be the stereo analog kind, with them also being used for analog video purposes. The term AV cables covers all kinds of cables used to transmit audio and/or video signals between home audio and video gear. An example of an AV cable that is not an RCA type would be an HDMI cable.


Generally they can be, but like a lot of electronics, people do use different terms. AV is audio video, can be RCA, yet can also be an other type of connection. (Generally Audio is White and Video is Yellow) RCA can be multiple colors - generally Red-Right, White for Left, and Yellow for Video. Do an "image" search on Google for RCA Connections and AV Connections. -M


Generally so....but theoretically Video RCA cables are suppose to be 75 ohm while older analog RCA cables were rated at 50 ohm...Problem is they is really no such thing as a 75 Ohm RCA cable...Even if the cable itself is rated at 75 ohm most of the time the RCA plugs or tip ends are not...I think the only RCA male tip ends that claim to be 75 Ohm are Canare RCAP plugs and even those do not really test out at a true 75 Ohm resistance but come very close. So most cables that claim to be 75 Ohm will really not test out that way. As a general rule though a 75 ohm cable should be of higher quality and can also be used in most modern analog stereo applications also with good results. Video cables usually have better shielding to filter out electromagnetic and radio interference...which has been shown to effect the higher frequencies of analog video signals, these traits are also beneficial in CD and vinyl playback...Also quality video cables usually have lower capacitance which is beneficial for vinyl playback also, not so much for CD but still does not hurt...So a high quality Video cable should also be a good choice for analog sources also... Especially for longer runs...As a general rule the longer length of cable you need the better quality it should be...


Generally they are.