Buzzing,humming sound on logitec speakers any ideas on how to stop it ?

hey i have the Logitech Speaker System Z313 and there is a buzzing sound when i connect them to my pc.When i connect the to my phone there is not such a buzzing sound. I tried connect the power cable into another outlet away from pc but it didnt work.. The sound is really settle but still annoying. Any ideas?


The source of the noise is the PC. It may have a defect on the motherboard, or the sound card could be of poor quality, or there could be a less - than - ideal ground connection somewhere in it. If you really can't live with the noise, have a computer repair specialist try to deal with it. Bear in mind that you could spend a lot of money and still not get rid of the noise.

SSP Bowl Dude

Try a ground loop isolator.


push in plug all the way


Hey! Welcome to the home theater area of Answers! You may want to post this to the Computers and Internet area. common sense does say that if you get a buzz from one thing and not from a second thing, to check on the first thing though. As lappies operate from their battery pack, even when charging from the wall, you might want to check your connector and the sound socket it uses.



Kevin L

You have a ground loop hum. This is caused when you have two components plugged into to two different AC outlets on different phases of the house AC and sharing a common ground. Your home has 220 volts coming in and is then split 110 volts to each side of the panel. Each side of the panel however are 180 degrees out of phase with one another. So some circuits in the house are on one phase and other parts on another phase. Simply make sure that both units are plugged into the same AC outlet or on the same phase. There are however other reasons you can get noises, but it sounds as if you have a ground loop issue. Another way to fix the issue is lift the ground on one side. Make sure all power cords do not run parallel with audio cables. Other issues can be dimmer switches on the same circuit, refrigerators etc. Kevin 40 years high end audio video specialist


if the comp is a laptop,bring it to an upscale used audio/viz shop,use a one 8th stereo/rca connector plug on the audio receiver AUX IN if the sound quality is ok on it,the defect is in the logitech stuff. used older audio can sound really good,you can get a couple 3 or 5 receivers to connect up,yielding great sound you do end up with a lot of wires to tape down & clutter things up,the sound is worth it.


called '60 cycle hum' & it's coming from your amp.