For the past 2 weeks, random people in my area have been calling me saying they had a missed call from my number. Any ideas why?

I have checked, I do not actually call them. My phone is in my possession at all times. The last caller, I asked, they read out my number precisely including area code.

Mmm J

Phone spammers are using your phone number as the spoofed number in their caller ID info. Your phone number was selected randomly. The phone number is placed in the IP packet stream of a VoIP call to people in your area because the area code will look local and there is a tendency for people to answer local looking calls rather than some out of area or "invalid" number. They don't, but the spammers think they will. When they don't answer the call, they call it back - again, thinking it is a local number and more chance of being someone they know - and it turns out it is you and you don't know each other. I wish we could pack up all the phone spammers and shoot them into the sun.


Perhaps someone other missed call from your phone.


Phish, phish, phish!

don r

Phishers are spoofing phone numbers. It's very annoying and it's their way to escape "Do Not Call" list complaints.


Scanners are using other people's numbers to con you out of money. I get calls from my local exchange because con artists want me to think my neighbors are calling, but I never pick up any calls unless I screen them.