How can I stop Daily Caller.?


Bone Alone

Mobile phone or landline phone. Landline, see if your phone provider provides call blocker or ask if it can block that number. Mobile: I use hiya if it’s neighborhood spammers. They use your area code and first 3 digits to try to trick you to answer. If your phone number is 323-555-5555 and you get calls from 323-555-xxxx then hiya is great. It blocks the call and sends it to voicemail and at this point, spammers gang up because if they leave a message then you know the company and if you’re on the do not call list, you can sue for compensation. With hiya, the first is free but if you want to block more then you have to subscribe to its service. It’s something like $2 a month. Another option is to set your phone so that only contacts can reach you. Other calls get sent to voicemail. If it’s not spam, they’ll leave a message.


block them


Talk to your provider and put the # on the "no call list". Block that number from calling you