My panasonic phone base screen isn t working all there is is light no text and not working. What can I do to fix?



Check the power supply (wall wart / AC adapter). If it's bad, it can be replaced for between 30 cents and $25. Thrift stores often have tons of those things, but BE SURE you get one that delivers about the same voltage (V DC) and at least as much current (mA) as the original and that it is polarized the same (the center, or tip, can be either positive or negative; if it's wrong it won't work and might cause damage). An additional concern is the size of the connector. There at least 50 different sizes! Otherwise, get a replacement from the manufacturer. If that's not the cause, the best thing to do is replace the whole setup. Repair may be possible, but at what cost, and by whom?


Replace the batteries.