Random phone call creeping me out?

Hi so I got a call that was No caller ID, and I ignored it. Then I got another call from New Roads, LA, and I answered it. (I do not live anywhere near LA) (Got this call at 9:11 pm). A woman asked is this __ (my name) and I said no (even though that was my name) she said “you have less than 24 hours” and started laughing really creepily. I hung up right after. Should I be concerned orrr?


No, it is senseless. But just blabbing about it like this, probably helps get it off your chest. Don't fight it or fight them, that will only amplify the problem.

spacemissing: Lesson

Lesson: Don't answer calls like that.


Call them back ask their location and tell them your on your way to them...


block the number


Report it to the police


These are SCAM calls. The caller ID is being spoofed and not where the call is actually coming from Be aware in some cases where they ask you "can you here me" or Is the "Your Name" they want you to answer YES. If you do then they might record the yes and order something online as you. When the order department asks if you want to confirm the order they play back your yes. Much harder to refute the purchase.if they have you in your own voice saying yes. From what you say you have nothing to worry about but like the rest of us you will probably get even more spam calls.