Was Kevin Spacey right to apologies?

I think the recent charges are just false mum and son are looking for money could I be right. He apologiesed to Anthoney Rapp I posted this question few minutes ago but SJW's reported it for some reason I ahte reposting questions.


Yes , he should do much more


Yes, he should have used a lube.



daljack -a girl

If it wasn't this son over the years it's been other sons....he's a predator.


Think that too. He was wrong to apologise, although apologising doesn't acknowledge a tort, it just is to make someone feel better. It is possible both the mom and the son suffer from a mental health issue, but then when you are accused, all you must do is defend yourself, then the rest is taken care of later. Sorry, I do not understand your second update, but if you disagree with a removal decision, you can appeal to yahoo answers. I just avoid bad news now as they bring bad luck, I'm becoming superstitious.


Your question probably got deleted because there is a long time poster obsessed with spacey and spams about him a lot. The reporters might have thought you were her. I'll give you the same answer I gave you before. Yes, though his apology was rather badly written. And like you I think the latest charges reek of set up. We'll just have to wait to see what the trial determines.