Does this happen often at pizza places?

dominos closes at 12am i called at 10:00pm the guy answered and said “is this for carry out or delievery” i said carry out and he said “carry out is closed” wtf that makes no sense how is coming in the store to pick my pizza up closed but yall can have delievery drivers bring it to me


They have already locked the doors, cleaned (or started cleaning) the public part of the place, closed out the cash register (delivery is all credit card/digital) and whatever other closing procedures they could start on. I still don't understand how they can claim to be open until 12 and shut you out at 10 - I'd make sure the management knows about it if I were you.


Yes it happens often, and many fast food restaurants are kind of like this, the only difference being that their lobbies are closed but their drive thru's are still open.

Pearl L

thats why its closed, theyre all too busy delivering in , just have thenn deliver it, it'll save you a trip


not sure why it works that way but that happens at Wendy's too- the drive through is open but the actual restaurant is closed and you can't go inside