Is Burger King intentionally forgetting my fries?

I'm pretty certain that EVERY time I've gone to my local Burger King with one of those coupons that includes fries they "forget" the fries. Of course I don't notice this until I get home, and by then it's not like I'm gonna put pants on and go back.

Peter Miller

Oh, they know what's up.


Burger King isn't. Some of their employees may be, but the chain is not.


check before you leave... and honestly you asked the same question yesterday


That's why you're supposed to check your bag before driving off, regardless of how long the line is


If you are going through the drive through then check it before you drive away and if you go in then either check it off to the side or once you get to the car. At least you will still be there if something is wrong with the order and go back in immediately.


nnaybe they dont realize the coupon includes fries, i would just rennind thenn the next tinne you go there