Why don't liberals embrace their whiteness?

It's nothing to be ashamed of. The white race is superior to all other races. Embrace your superiority to subhumans.

Nacho the Great

being white is nothing to be ashamed of, but being a racist is. shame on you.


Because it would be as stupid as embracing our bloodtype or shoesize, and feel superior about those. It's just a skincolour. There are no races of humans


Embrace their whiteness? All liberals are white? Why would they?

I Hate Peas

Why is this in "dining out" and "Switzerland"? I guess there isn't a troll category so you had to improvise, huh

Marie And Alan

Most do, but realise that ethnicity is irrelevant


1) Not all liberals are white 2) No race is superior to any other

Orla C

Troll alert.


My ancestors came from England, I am very proud of their massive Empire. You can find british culture in every country of the world. I am also liberal


Don't forget it


Says the blue coward.

Dangerous Mr.

and my Mediterranean Race is superior to your White Race


They are sheep, who have succumb to brainwashing. The left don't just murder 10's of millions of people to get their way afterall, some they just have to do some sleight of hand tricks with to fool.