I hate the idea that yahoo gave the option for level 7 users to move questions into different categories?



What would make more sense to hate is that there wasn't a consistent consequence for users that abuse the feature and now there's none at all. The feature has value, but those who misuse it need it taken away. What's your question? Makes no sense for you to complain about violations on the site, while you commit one.


I have no problem with it but I believe there should be a record of who moved the question and from what catagory to hold everyone accountable


OK, so what's the incentive to get to Level 7, if you take that away?

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Yeah, me too..."trusted members" lol

Concerned Dad

I agree that it's stupid because if they disagree with anything, they just assign it to a different category or mark it as spam so it doesn't get the thoughtful answers it deserves.