Why does it seem men only approach ugly fat women these days?

I just heard that on here and it actually makes sense. I am a skinny pretty young woman who has never been asked out. Only approached once and he was too chickenscratch to call my number. But i do notice guys in college classes easily talk to fat or uglier women. I get ignored and i am not a mean or bitchyLoud woman at all. I am very quiet and try to be polite.


What are you up to on Friday?


It’s a confidence thing. And people in general are not as secure or confident as they used to be.

retired old sarge

Easy sex and the fat ones appreciate it when they can get it and they arent asking for new cars, houses and a wedding ring before giving it up.


Its Easier to sleep with a big woman than skinny


seek help


Its them liberals.....if you can look down your pants and can't figure out which bathroom to use,you're braindead.


Because they are also fat and ugly?


#Metoo . Feel fortunate if you ever get asked out or a job offer ever again . Your " sisters " have made you into a liability .