What's a good low calorie condiment for sandwiches?

I love mayo but I need something lower calorie. Mustard, olives, pickles, and banana peppers are low calorie and good but is there anything else?




I like mayo too and for years I searched in vain for a good alternative until last year I discovered one: tahini sauce. Just take some tahini (sesame paste) add salt, pepper, powdered garlic (if you like that), a splash of water and a splash of white vinegar, and then stir it up (something magic happens, trust me, try it).


Horseradish mustard. You can add a little sour cream to lighten it up.

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Like others have said (mustard, hot sauce), but I would say use meat juice! Cook your own meat in your sandwiches and use the savory juices. Tri-tip. Yum! Splash of balsamic vinegar. Lots of people forget to put on salt, pepper, garlic powder/salt, oregano. Try that and it will flavor up your sandwich! Hot sauce and mustard. Salt, pepper, garlic, dash of olive oil, oregano. Yummy. Put that in your sandwiches instead of cheese.




Try adding some spices to your sandwich....like garlic, Italian seasoning or anything else you like...I also use the Mayo made with Olive oil which is healthier


Hummus, or tahini


dill pickle relish instead of just plain pickles...or sweet pickle relish. I also use tomato slices. they taste good, are healthy and provide plenty of moisture for a sandwich. Hummus or quacamole is good too. Make the calories a part of the sandwich.


Maybe try some olive oil, herbs and a hint of LOW FAT mayo mixed together.

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Hummus. Whipped cream cheese (even a flavored one). There are a few super good vegan tofu egg salad like spreads.

denise: Low calorie mayo, or any low cal

Low calorie mayo, or any low cal: dressings, mustard, If your'e using mayo or a creamy dressing, miss out the butter/dairy spread, that will lessen the calories.


salad cream

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Mustard or hot sauce it. Everything else tends to be based in mayo or oil. At most they say fat free and then give you sweets.


They do make light mayo. You could use reduced calorie dressing in the place of mayo - Italian, Ranch, Blue cheese, whatever you like. I dislike dry sandwiches and have put a little pickle juice on them before - very few calories in it.


Find a low calorie dressing at the grocery store.... balsamic vinegar, Italian dressing, low calorie Tzatziki sauce...etc...

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Try avocado spread, high in calories but better than mayo in nutrition. Avocadoes are high in vitamins. Or you can use mustard or even olive oil.

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There are low calorie mayo’s but you have to watch out for added sugars. You can use Italian dressing, or use a smaller amount of mayo to cut the calories but still get the taste. Also be sure you are making smaller sandwiches, by buying smaller loaves, thin sliced, instead of the big ones. That reduces the calories not only from the bread itself, but you will you less of the condiments and the actual sandwich fillings.


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