Was Led Zeppelin the most unoriginal band of all time?

From stealing riffs, lyrics, theme, to even their name (a little garage band had the name before them, but spelled it Zepplin). Jimmy Page playing with a bow, wow, how original. Because we have never seen an bow played on an instrument :/sarcasm. Robert Plant was not the first frontman to orgasm into the mic and be the "Sexy" front man. Did he steal some of his shtick from Jim Morrison? He even used to wear the same love bead necklace that Jim wore Lol. Much of their material revolves around American (especially southern)/ bluesy themes. Because no band has ever done that before..... Why are Plant and Page so arrogant, thinking they were these rock gods, when in reality their whole act was a sham? The foundation was already laid out for them to succeed. All they did was seal and profit. They were not the first to play "heavy riffs", not the first to play face melting solos, not the first to do anything. What is so great about these guys?


Can't wait to see what you come up with tomorrow, Sid. Led Zeppelin is too easy of a target...and you call THEM unoriginal? I don't think you've bashed Pink Floyd yet. Tomorrow let's see you run them down. Try to be more original in the future, though.


No one cares mate. Whether its was stolen or original or whatever all put together it sounded good and thats what mattered. Most people just listen to music, not analyse it. Can you not listen to it and hear that it sounds good, thats what was so great about those guys.


Yes, Sophie, all of that and more. By the way, they aren't gay or bipolar


They broke up almost 40 years ago. The fact that you're asking this question is testament to their greatness.


No they were the right band for the times. Good times Bad times they had a whole lot of love


Like Everest is just another pile of dirt.


If they're so unoriginal, who sounded like them before they came out? Nobody, that's who.


Have u ever listened to Stairway to Heaven? Moron!

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

No Not in a world with zz top.


You can keep asking these retarded questions all you want and they'll continue to be moved away because they're just pointless whiny rants. Nobody cares what you think. People will still be listening to Led Zeppelin LONG after you're gone. Get over it. They're a successful band. People like their music. Nobody is going to listen to your laundry list of grievances and bother taking them into consideration. You will never be anywhere near as respected as Page or Plant, have anywhere near as much money, have anywhere near as many women, or enjoy your life even 1% as much as they have. Shut up and go away. And if you need to explain that you're being sarcastic, don't waste time trying.


No, imagine dragons are


Why so much bashing of Led Zeppelin on this site?


Is Led Zeppelin a Australian Aboriginal.