Why nobody gives credit toWinston Churchill for defeating Germany but rather people give credits to Roosevelt and Stalin?



NOBODY gives credit to Churchill? False.

Ghost Of Christmas Past

I live in the UK. Who were Roosevelt and Stalin?

All hat

Of course people give credit to Churchill. The history books, even movies and documentaries, are full of that.

Jimmy C

Everyone in Britain credits Churchill. Who are these other people you mention? DId they do something in the war too?


Don't be silly.


That's not true.


Because the USSR and the Americans believe they were the Only ones in WW2

Tim D

Because he didn't. Neither did Stalin or Roosevelt. It was a joint effort by the Allies.


Churchill gets major credit. You must listen to/read the wrong people.


Churchill bombed out London.

Lisa A

Why do you think that anyone ever put up with Stalin at all? Because they needed him to defeat Germany. Once he'd served his purpose, he was cast out of the west's good graces.

Midnight Run

Churchill should share in the credit equally as Roosevelt and Stalin. Then all three should be hung by the neck for committing crimes against humanity.

Atheist Dude

USA did most of the winning and fighting in both world wars.