Why do you Americans when you think of Italy think of ice cream?

Ice cream is not so important in Italy

westville sal

I don't. I think of Venice....


I think of Cathedrals, previous world design, nice and healthy food and food, trained worker wine, kind hearts, family values and every one that fabulous fillagree gold jewellery created by accomplished hands. (Pretty stuff). Ice cream, sherbet and gelato is common round the world and would be furthest from my mind if I traveled to European country. i might be busy rubber-necking instead of seeking a sugar fix.

SSP Bowl Dude

I never have. Oddly enough I think of Boston


Probably because of the Italian Ice.


I'm an American when I think of Italy ice cream never comes to mind.


Italian gelato is superior to American Ice Cream.


Doesn't make sense. Pizza comes to mind when I think of Italy.


Italian gelato is delicious but it's not the first thing that most people think of when thinking about Italy

Gentle Bird

I think of Cathedrals, old world architecture, great and healthy pasta and food, artisan wine, kind hearts, family values and all that fabulous filigree gold jewelry made by skilled hands. (Pretty stuff). Ice cream, sorbet and gelato is common around the world and would be furthest from my mind if I traveled to Italy. I would be busy sightseeing rather than seeking a sugar fix.


Because the gelato there is so far superior to the ice cream here. I also think about Italian food and wine, What would you rather have us think about?


😄 Nay. Most American foods are Italian.