Do you agree that we need to build the wall right now before a new ISIS is created?

When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” - Doland Trump


Mexico isn't "sending people" you dope head

Rufus T. Firefly

I'll advocate a wall for those reasons when a wall across CANADA is funded and built in the same plans. (D'oh! Not CANADA? Then is this an issue of ethnophobia?) ps. Right now there are bound to be assimilated Americans by way of Mexican immigration reading this question being told "Mexico isn't sending you". And you're here assuming they're not Mexican. Er, I mean Donald Trump is. ... I replied to a comment about terrorists more likely to come through Canada, and I'd like to add it to my answer: I know right?! It's just insane that terrorists who historically (and skillfully) blend in with upstanding, moneyed, educated, collared people would try running across the excruciating deserts of Mexico, dodging snakes, guards & vigilantes. It's just absurd. (Seriously laughing at the thought of a terrorist with $5 million in funding, tattered, bruised, sunburned and thirsty, panting behind a berm with 10 Mexicans and the coyote they all paid 2000 pesos to).

Reynaldo Weeks

I LMAO! @ those low life uneducated dotards who can't think for themselves. They're like sheep. How about we send you to Mexico to find out?

The Holy Shroud of Turin

Any wall can be breached. It is a waste of time & money. He would have to have a guard stationed on it every quarter mile to every half a mile for it to even be effective. It's just a dumb idea.

Atheist Anthony

I think I might move to Mexico, and start a boat company at a nice sea-side town near where this wall is going to end. I'm going to be a billionaire in no time....


Everyone should follow laws including immigration laws. Criminal aliens should be rounded up and dealt with much more sternly than we are currently doing. They must fear returning a second and third time. The will must be built and our nation's laws must be enforced. American First. Don't mix up a real economic problem with hyperbole from the current president. A stop to criminal aliens is a must and putting America first in a world which more and more cheats its way into our economy is also a must


So little children are people that have lots of problems. 5-year old kids, mothers - they are all bringing drugs and crime. That's like taking coals to Newcastle, since the US has more drugs and crime WITHOUT these people than any other country on Earth.


For a new ISIS? No, I'm not holding my breath for that. But better security will help prevent some of the current issues we have to deal with: illegal immigration, drug & other kind of trafficking, etc. This has been a growing problem for years.


isis = israeli secret intelligence service. wall = keeps americans from escaping to mexico when antichrist comes to power.