When you dine at a Mexican restaurant or have Mexican take out:?

When you have Mexican food and find rice in your burrito do you feel taken advantage of? I go to several Mexican take-outs in my area and only one restaurant doesn't automatically add rice to my burritos. The only time they would add rice is if it’s a veggie burrito, but they asked the customer first. But at the other two restaurants, whose menu cost more, the automatically add rice to everything. I have to instruct them each time "not" to put rice in my food and each time they seemed irritated because someone might notice it and complain, "why didn't you add rice? " Flour tortilla is a starch as are beans, so why complicate it further with more starch? Because rice is a cheap filler. So I ask, “do you automatically like rice on your burritos? “


No of course I don't feel taken advantage of. After five decades on the planet, I think I have a grasp on what is typically in a burrito, not to mention I can read. Mexican restaurants have many menu choices and the taco trucks can have some really great options too. I have no clue why you're sticking to a menu item that is traditionally made with ingredients you don't like. If you are trying to avoid starch, why on earth are you ordering burritos? Order a nice salad with seafood or carne asada. I often wonder how some people manage to put on their own shoes without being offended. God bless people who work in customer service for putting up with the public.


Not really because most restaurant menus tell you what's in your food before you decide to order. As for adding rice to a burrito, I agree with you on that; it is somewhat of a filler just to make it look bigger and more appealing to the eye. I'am Mexican by the way and rice, beans, tortillas, and meat (any kind of meat) is the norm for me. That said, me being Mexican, I'd prefer to eat a big juicy burger at a vibrant sports bar than eat at a mediocre Mexican restaurant.


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Jerry S

I always dine in the restaurant.


I don't order burritos. I get tacos


It really depends on the restaurant. In california most taquerias put everything in a burrito including rice. The chains like rubies' and chipotle do it too. Where I grew up in the midwest a burrito was simply stewed meat and cheese inside a rolled tortilla. I love the california style burrito. Beans and rice together form a perfect protein and thus I really don't need meat in addition to that. When I make burritos at home I don't add rice, just too much trouble for me to make seasoned rice.


I don't support Mexican establishments because they send their money back to Mexico instead of spending it in the US