I give permission to kill any hashem or holy book torah of moses genies and isralie to be killed or torah if it is nirinjan kaur by behading?

i am also one god of time and current judaism god and torah of universe and judaism god of universe and i command my genies and earth genies and old one god of time genies if any hashems or holy book of torah of moses genies or israelies or torah if it is nirinjan kaur or anyoen who is against me in judaism please terminate them permanently even if they are in any religion or believes they are my family or true love or knows me from identity because i dont want my enemies in my earth. free to kill and free to get reward later as money only remember. i will be helpful if you terminate stnam kaur a reward of taking her money will be given to you by disabling her and making her human and permanently killing her and not letting her believe in anyone and putting my true love **** of jews on her body and face and mouth and in her blood and theft every genie from her of hers which she thefted from me to prove she and her god is true after knowing she and her god is lie. I command jewish genies and torah genies and hashem genies and israeli genies to kill stnam kaur and nirinjan kaur and there torah god and jewish heaven god who said my girl must become bad. You can terminate jewish heaven god and her daughters who are my enemies who loves me must come and suck my peni* and give me satisfaction and lick my balls and do porn with me until they love me truly by coming in reality too and i want to lick there pus** very much and as* i cannot stay without god whom i feel in there pus** not behading it is beheading i mistyped the word please update. make sure to show live in israel who goes against ahmed and tell its by command of current judaism god and last of jews and last of torah.


You are delusional and need professional help.


So what's the question, twit? This is Yahoo! Answers not Yahoo! Bulletin Board. Off to Mexico with you.

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