Why do the most whiniest and ridiculous people on the internet tend to be raging angry atheists relying heavily on logical fallacies?

What causes these raging angry atheists to become so foolish? Question Mover: Your intelligence is not great enough keep this question out of Religion & spirituality for long. But it shows how desperate your atheism makes you. It's time you left your atheism and gained wisdom of God Question Mover: you'll be moving all day while i enjoy doing things. What a sad life you must lead. Question Mover: as i ate my breakfast i had a good chuckle as i refreshed this question, watching you desperately try to move this question to another section. Then i considered how sad of a life you must live to be so desperate to move a question you hate, and it brought a tear to my eye that you have become so foolish and wasted your life. My Condolences. Question Mover: you stand no chance against me. You would need to increase your lesser intelligence to a level closer to God's wisdom. Question Mover: your stupidity and desperation and terror inspired me to write a poem: There once was a mover, who try as they might, couldn't move a question, and lost the fight. They desperately tried, then bitterly cried. Ran off and hid in embarrassment in the dark of night. Question Mover: do you like that poem? Question Mover: i take it by continuing to desperately move the question with your lesser intelligence (since you can't stand against me), that you didn't like that poem at all! I shed another tear for your lesser intelligence and your desperation. The sad life you live must be very difficult for you. Question Mover: you might as well let it stay in Religion & Spirituality since that's where it is going to stay all day. "Why" you may ask? Because that's what i want, and because you have lesser intelligence than me, that is how it will be. You are free to try, of course, but you will only be demonstrating your lesser intelligence and desperation. Question Mover: i just got dressed and ready for my day, and came back and saw you were still moving this question desperately, with your lesser intelligence, i could only shed 2 tears for you in total. You have shown how foolish you are now.


Off to Mexico with ya, Flowerchild.


Another rant brought to you by Cowardchild


Yep, you're a religiturd talking out your @ss. Are that user called Flower Cvnt?

Truth is within you

the world is a mirror.

Not You

That's bait.


Send money to televangelists.

Steroid Moe

Rey Weeks is probably moving your question so you don't stand a chance. You're lucky the question's only getting moved and not reported. Ed: You're eating breakfast? Where do you live, Ukraine?

Maelstrom One

Anon-kun, is this bait?


They forgot to feed the dog.


They need more love.