Why is Ben Franklin on the $100 bill?

Why is he the only non president on money?

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Why not, He was a statesman, an ambassador, and the first Postmaster General, an inventor, and much more.


Ben Franklin was a great inspiration to the culture and development of American culture. Among other things: -Franklin is the reason we have prescription glasses to correct wavering eyesight. He invented the bifocals that for the first time, allowed poor vision to see clearly by way of a lens. In that regard it's reasonable to say he also inadvertently spurred the creation of the microscope, which uses the exact same principles, just on a larger scale of magnification. -Franklin also got the ball rolling on how metal has the ability to conduct electricity. There's this novel image of him standing in a thunderstorm with a metal rod, it's romanticized but not far from the truth, it was the first account of natural energy being able to be manipulated. -Then Frankling was also credited with the Franklin-Stove. A compact conduit of wood and charcoal used to fuel heat for cooking, and warmth for temperature. IN A SUPPOSEDLY modern day enlightened era of technology like 2019.....we have people eating Tide Pods, snorting condoms, and believing there are 150 genders "If i decide so". So yeah, I'd say he's earned his $100 bill.

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Hamilton was never president. I don’t think there were any laws by the treasury that said only presidents can be on money.


Alexander Hamilton is on the 10. And FYI, he was not a president, in case you didn't know. But he's the reason we have money (he created the US Treasury). So that's why he got to be on the 10. Here's how it went down. Or at least how HBO thinks it did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=notJuFGXQ9w Ben Franklin was just another founding father, who contributed a lot to our nation getting to exist and got countries to loan us money. Like he was going around being our spokesperson asking them to accept us as a country and lend us money. We've had other notes with non-presidents on them as well, including John Marshall, who was the 4th Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, who was on the $500 dollar bill, and Samuel P. Chase, who was the US Secretary of Treasury during Lincoln's administration, and he was on the $10,000 dollar bill. They don't make those anymore though.

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Alexander Hamilton was never president.


Because he invented electricity. And Benjimans keep the lights on.


Y not?

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Alexander Hamilton, Salmon Chase, Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea weren't presidents either.


congress voted to put him there

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Because he is important to US history.

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Everybody drew straws, and he won?


He was a scientist and important in early american government. He was ambassador to France an important ally to the early USA




cause he was a dope *** ***** that was rolling in dough


Because he’s Ben Franklin

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Ben Franklin was just another founding father, who contributed a lot to our nation getting to exist and got countries to loan us money. Like he was going around being our spokesperson asking them to accept us as a country and lend us money.


He might have not been a president but he was a venerable man, now tell me what is so famous about that Quaker on the oatmeal box?


Ben Franklin was one of the most intelligent of the founding fathers. He was also a consummate diplomat. Without his skill, the French probably would not have sent their fleet to Yorktown to blockade the British, compel their surrender, and permit the thirteen colonies to become a fledgling nation. He also was one of the driving forces behind getting the Declaration of Independence not only ratified, but even written. That is why on the REVERSE of the C note is Independence Hall in Philadelphia.


He made an outstanding contribution before producing dollars.


Because he was born Before Trump MAGA


Because without Ben Franklin, the French would not have joined the war and helped us defeat the British forces. Also, he was one heck of a drinker and womanizer. Respect!!

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Aside from Hamilton? Historically, there were plenty of non-Presidents on US currency, too. But why if Franklin on there? Because he is probably the most influential Founding Father that this country had.


He was a very influential founding father.

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Alexander Hamilton is on the 10 dollar bill, and Salmon P Chase is on the $10,000 bill. Neither one was President. There have also been several non Presidents on coins, such as Susan B Anthony. So, your statement is false.


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