Is this right?

So over a year ago, Trump bombs Syrian airstrips, claims incredible victory. Then Turkey amasses troops at it's border threatening the Kurds at the Syrian border, because of Kurds association with certain terrorists groups. The U.S. or lets say Trump pulls troops out( because most generals didn't tell him to do this). So as we are pulling out, Turkey amasses more troops above the Syrian border, the Kurds ask for Syrian help(Assad) Then the Kurds knowing American's that they lost blood over helping the U.S. fight ISIS is pulling out, so the KURDS already are asking for the Syrian army that is led by Assad, for help if Turkey gets too aggressive. The same Assad military that Trump bombed airstrips over a year ago.


No. The USA(Trump) threw the Kurds under the bus. Their only recourse is to fall at Assad's knees before Turkey annihilates them . Assad needs troops so.....