Actually the last 2 years have been quite good?



Trump rising out of the depths of Hell, wrapped in a flag, dressed in a suit to make him look like G.Washington, carrying an eagle and carrying a gun the real Trump couldn't even lift without dropping his hamberders. A fukn wet dream I tell ya. The only thing missing is choirs of angels and Jesus patting him on the back.

pit bulls bite

thanks trump


Trump has nothing to do with the economy in the last 2 years.


Not for me.

The Oracle of Omigod

Economically and financially America is in great condition. If Trump seals a better deal with China which is probable, he will be very hard to beat in 2020.

Lord Aizen

Yes they have. Economically I did quite well


the bible says the antichrist will fool many . you are a fool .

Liberals sequester from fact

I agree, not because I particularly like Trump but because he has proved to be 100% better than 0bama or Bush.


Yeah, it's the wind-down of the benefits of the Obama years. The Trump decline is starting.


it’ll be even better once the wall is built