All Priuses are driven by gays and Suburus are driven by douchebags, but what do gay douchebags drive?

It's clear that not all gays drive a Prius, just that all Prius owners are gay. Not all douchebags drive a Suburu, but all Suburu owners are douchebags. So what statistically is a gay douchebag likely to drive?


A Nissan Leaf

Dark Alchemist

they drive kias

Saut de Chat

I'm a gay douchebag who drives a Prius.

Homer Bufflekill


The Darrener

a Black Jeep Wrangler


The only gay douchebag I've ever met had a Pontiac Firebird. Go figure.


SubAru. Learn to spell.

John Alden

Look in your driveway.