If small, rocky planets are discovered orbiting Zeta Reticuli 1 or 2...?

How much more plausible will the claim of ufology be that intelligent E.T known as the grey aliens exist and are from Zeta 1 or 2? Say for example it's true they ahve been visting us since Roswell 1947 American goverment done a good job at disinformation and hiding it from the public remeber they can give you snips of the truth with bs and make look even more bs. If it is true do you think US presidents get informed if so would Trump be I doubt it the CIA don't have good relationship with him. It could be possible that aliens have managed to master interstellar travel but implausible is that statement correct.

Adam D

It doesn't resolve the many logical inconsistencies with the idea of alien visitation. Almost none of the things alien visitors are purported to have done make sense.

Raymond: Thing is

Thing is: we are able to detect exoplanets around stars that are a LOT further out. No planets around Zeta Reticuli. Most astronomers do NOT work for the US government. Most astronomers are not even American. And, much glory (and money) for astronomers comes from being the first to reveal true observations. Therefore, any idea of an American cover-up is ridiculous (unless you are an American citizen, forbidden to hear actual real news of any kind, including political). The rest of us have no problem following real news. It is possible that aliens have managed interstellar travel. Why would they come here? There is no reason (other than the fake reasons given in American sci-fi movies). And if they did come, then the American government would have found out the same way the rest of us would have found out: by an announcement from a non-American astronomer.


Other stars are already known to have planets. Discovering planets around just one or two stars would have very little impact on whatever the probability is that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth.


We've seen lots of rocky planets - called 'Earth-like' in many cases - but... no proof of life. I would tend to doubt there'd be any life there even if we had found rocky planets around either star.


The existence of small rocky planets does not mean life exists there.