People from other planets in this galaxy have long had the technology to visit this planet and have been communicating with people like me?

and what is on your TV covers local evil and global lies and you should forsake government and debt and do what is right because you are going to die some day and you are a consciousness within flesh and life. j - i have not but will look in to it. The holy universe? Bill-M, you are actually not sure. Jeffrey, NASA was created by nazi's (this is actually fact). You are all being lied to and you are serving a primitive societal mind for the sake of your own survival and also greed. grundoon. A person who is offensive is giving in to a thoughtless way. A person who's suggestion of aid is a common suggestion, which offers no personal wisdom, is a person without wisdom or ability to aid.

Ronald 7

You and me are alike The Government refused me planning permission to move my house over 3 feet It was crucial to me I needed it to take out the slack in my washing line

Jeffrey K

Aliens might have the technology to visit earth, but I haven't seen any good evidence that they have. If they are communicating with you, please tell Seti or NASA what radio wavelength they are on so we can all listen in on them.


All fake


Yeah, yeah, yeah. SO WHAT? Can you PROVE it? ANY physical evidence you can show other people? Eisenhower and Congress created NASA in 1958 out of a congressional advisory committee. That is fact. I remember Eisenhower signing it on LIVE TV on the NBC affiliate WDSU TV in New Orleans. I turned 5 years old about a month later. You are delusional. You are sick.


People evolved on Planet Earth. Life on other planets would not be Human People. They (whatever they are) DO NOT have the Technology to visit this planet. The Speed of Light Can Not be exceeded. You have a mental problem and should seek help.


That isn't a question, its your opinion and not based on facts.

The Lord Humungus.



There may be “people” from billions of light years away who under relativity can reach us very quickly. It’ll just take from our point of view a really long time. There might be people here in one day from now relative to them but we’d be long gone. They wouldn’t age a bit.

Atheist Dude



Oh! How fortunate you must feel? And I must endure solitude all on my own.


You need therapy. or to shut up either one


Have you read Galaxy Gate?


Whatever floats your boat my bluefaced friend. Just erm... do it over there in the corner whilst the grown-ups are talking. Ta sweetheart!