Why do dumb cons make fun of me for being vegan?

Being vegan is a privilege. That way I’m away from animal killers.


You actually do sound dumb...Very dumb


But the food you do eat is indirectly responsible for killing and displacing millions of animals... But ya know that's none of my business.


Being vegan it's an absurd choice


You demonrats are really running out of things to accuse Republicans of.


I find it offensive that you eat what my food eats.


I wouldn't say being vegan is a privilege, but whatever sinks your boat I guess.

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And yet the animals get killed anyway. I got a McDouble at work today, it was SO good.

Beatrix Kiddo

* why-not way. Hmm perhaps you should look up what the words privilege and con mean. You’re using them incorrectly. That being said I think maybe people give you a hard time about it because you sensationalize your food choices. It’s sounds to me that you’re not very knowledgeable about nutrition and are choosing a vegan diet solely based on what others say/think/do. Absolutely nothing wrong with a vegan diet. Absolutely nothing wrong with eating animal products—as long as it’s sustainable and humane. I think knowing where your food comes from and only consuming what you need is more important than whether or not you eat animal products. You can be vegan and eat junk food. You can be vegan and be morbidly overweight. So vegan is not synonymous with healthy. Furthermore, I believe you have some maturing and quite a bit of research to do before you fully commit to any type of nutritional lifestyle.


Well people have different opinion.. You said people who cons with you as dumb while you are expecting people to respect you for being vegan? You must respect others choice before expect other to respect your choice as well. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, but sometimes, at least several times in a month i will had vegan food because i'm just not in mood for having meat. And because sometimes i still craving for meat, i won't trying to become a real vegan or vegetarian. But i hate when a vegan people who make fun others who choose not being a vegan, and i also hate when an omnivorous people make fun of other who choose being a vegan. No matter what they had for food, it's their own choice. Personally i think it's better if there is some people who choose being vegan while other didn't. If all people becoming vegetarian, then it will be overpopulation for animal. And all of people being omnivorous, then certain species of animal might be extinct.

Purple Haze

Probably because you make a big deal out of it?


It must be due to disrespecting your morals and personal values.