Why did liberals get dead soldiers to vote for them?



Still upset about the fact that most voters voted for democrats in the last election?


More republican lies again

Lois Griffin

They didn't.


What's a liberals?


they didn't that's a right wing lie Republicans lie about illegal votes


They didn't.


And when was that?


Proof please you gullible traitor

Armchair Goddess #1

We, the majority of American voters (a.k.a., our nation's budget-balancing, jobs-creating, people-protecting Democrats) do not need to resort to the right-wing bad habit of cheating during an election, Russian bot and white supremacist types. We simply have to prevent or get such a huge turnout to counter (as we did for the Women's March world wide on January 21, 2017 or for these past mid-terms) all the gerrymandering, voter suppression, fractionalized voting (the GEMS contractor for GOP-governed states that inserts a DECIMAL POINT into the vote counting for Democratic districts---see blackboxvoting.org), and Russian MAFIA's hacking to win. The GOP does not do "popular" very well, what with all their anti-workers, anti-government (we, the people), corporate-colluding, racially bigoted, xenophobic, misogynistic Republican policies and attitudes, so they resort to CHEAT to sneak their power-abusing ways into political positions.

Big One 0909

It has been a problem for a longtime. There is even a song about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUEqh07E4dY&t=47s


Because we do not have that Russian probe thing going on for us.