Sooo, people believe that man has been fully formed as much as 300,000 years yet only discovered flight a century ago?

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Sure. Whales have been "fully formed" for millions of years, and they haven't yet learned to fly.

Jeffrey K

Yes. That's right. Airplanes couldn't work until the engine was invented.


"hehe..haha haha....Hahahahaha! Woo!" 5000 years of writing and people come up with this! I'm amazed we can float, never mind fly!

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It's true. Agriculture was discovered 10,000 years ago. Agriculture then led to the development of civilization to reward hardworking people with extra food accumulated from agriculture. The population became more centralized during the Neolithic Revolution. Clans became Villages and Villages became towns and cities. With such a large population, control was needed to maintain societal stability, so state religion was sanctioned. Evolution is a SLOW process. It took Homo Erectus thousands of years to overcome their fear of fire. Then one brave Homo erectus discovered that fire can cook food.

spot a

Any human can fly without using an airplane or a parasail, They were able to fly 300,000 years ago and they still can. The only problem is that they can only fly down, and they don't have any way to slow their downward speed before they hit something


So, we're late bloomers...we'll get there. It's not a race. And- we're far ahead of any other animals in going to the moon.

John P

The first hominids appeared on Earth about 2 or 3 million years ago. Various species of human-like creatures have appeared in the time since. Science places the rise of homo sapiens (our present form of humans) from about 200,000 years ago, but some might argue for longer. Thus the figure of 300,000 is not out of the question. The fact of any particular scientific discovery or technical invention such as powered flight is of no great relevance to the general development of humans. You might just as well raise questions about steam engines, or unpowered flight (late 1700s), or television, or boats powered by sails.

Mike G

You're easily amused.


Erm, no, we might only have been "fully formed" (whatever that is) as recently as 50,000 years ago. Although the HomoSapien morphology has been around for as much as 250,000 years it doesn't mean we had finished developing mentally. Sometimes the most important changes are on the inside. And were it not for the invention of agriculture about 12,000 years ago, we may be still no closer today to powered flight today than we were then.


Yes hon, you are free to laugh if it makes you feel better.


Yeah I guess our ancestors were more concerned with hunting and gathering for the longest time until we developed a mutation to allow for the the digestion of starch so we could grow our own food around 9500BC. A couple thousand years of selectively breeding crops gave us the energy for an agricultural revolution and the population skyrocketed leading to the the industrial revolution and the age of invention.

Ronald 7

Most of Africa has not yet seen a Wheel All that time was spent learning how to survive Motorised flight had to wait for the Internal combustion Engine the fore runner for that was coal and wood Fire has been known for Millenia before it was discovered it had a use for propulsion before that all we could do is stare and wonder about birds We were slow learners But after all these years, a Fly can not find its way out of an open winow


After thousands of years of human endeavour and great works of literature to read and be inspired by you can only come-up with this ill-informed, thoughtless rubbish. I know who ought to be laughed at.


December 17, 1903 the first sustained heavier that air POWERED flight, 115 years one month ago. This fact depended upon several other things: 1.) A light internal combustion engine. 2.) Metal and casting skills to produce that engine. 3.) Refined petroleum products to burn inside that engine. 4.) The Wright Brothers developing efficient airfoils and propellers. "300,000 years" ? Try on 3,500,000 years with the event of shaping stone tools?


Can you explain why you think this is unlikely? they didn't discover trains either, or penicillin. And what is your point - that some people really knew about flight and were keeping quiet about it? or that we're all wrong about flight and it doesn't really work?.


I guess


Flight is actually complicated, especially by airplane. We didn’t invent a lot of things until recently because the industrial revolution was needed to open a lot of possibilities. The reason why it took so long to get there is because of things like social backlash towards scientific discoveries, a lot of society not needing these things at the time, and there have even been several civilizations who were against change. It is also important to note that civilizations can now communicate easier than ever. It used to be much harder for different civilizations to communicate and pass along ideas and inventions. But believe me, man has been trying for a very long time.


Does it matter

Elyse Rose

Neanderthals are slow learners.


UFO’s today, are us. After the last world catastrophe 12,000 years ago, there were survivors who still had extremely advanced technologies, and who capitalized on it. The world became their toy.