Why do liberals refabricate lies?

They called Trump’s wall a racist act. A lie. Then dem politicians let on that they were for border security just not an expensive wall. Probably another lie. Then libs say it they were for border security all the while. Lies being refabricated.


Your head is full of Trump lies and Fox BS. Democrats have supported border security. Under Obama the US Border Patrol was more than doubled in size in terms of men and equipment. Trump's first year he was given $1.6 billion for border security, supported by Democrats. Also in that first year Trump was offered wall funding in exchange for a new DACA Agreement, Trump refused. And recently Trump was offered the same $1.6 billion for border security but with no wall funding, Trump refused. The problem is Trump.


did your mother have any smart kids?


Trying to keep up with Trump.


I think trump is racist because... He claimed a judge was biased because “he’s a Mexican”. He was sued twice for not renting to black people He attacked Muslim Gold Star parents He didn’t say anything about the white supremacist campaign for him with a racist platform. When referring to native Indians who own casinos, he said those Indians, don’t look like Indians. By questioning whether or not obama was born in the United States, he is saying that Americans who are black are not really Americans.


I love how you lie and accuse me of lying. The wall will not work.

Tri D: https



Because they can.




What's a liberals?


No lies in your rant


Of course, it's racist. You're not talking about building a wall along the Canadian border, are you? Even though you're more likely to lose your job to a Canadian than to a Mexican with an 8th grade education and no knowledge of English. Fox and Trump have told you to be afraid of Mexicans because they're not just like you. That's racism.


Liberals lie about everything.

Justin Thyme

You just can't trust them.

The Game

screaming racism is easy for the retarded left,...they have cnn telling them how to do it.


Nothing they propose is of any benefit. Lies are all they have.


All the left does is lie. It's the reason their base is leaving them in huge numbers. How on earth can better immigration laws be "racist"?