Have you ever noticed that liberals are like supervillains and conservatives are like superheroes?

Supervillains try to change things (just like liberals) and the superheroes try to resist the change (just like conservatives).


nobody in the Beer, wine and spirits category cares.


both sides think the other is a villain




Have you ever watched the original Batman series? Bruce Wayne was definitely a liberal. And Clark Kent worked for the MSM. The free press is the enemy of conservatives. Wonder Woman is a feminist.

Crim Liar

Hey baby, did you forget to take your meds? - it sounds like it!

The Oracle of Omigod

Conservatives do not resist change, they wish to conserve the principles of our Constitution which is adaptable to change.


No, I based my comparisons on reality.


Since the 2016 GOP Nomination what formerly shunned kitchen lighting now crawls out amid us. Most liberals are found too bright. Lawyers step on bugs. We're not dead. What we have here are hungry maggots thinking their next free lunch cannot resist. I'm voting Democrat in 2010. There are more of us than... oops. Did I step on you ?


Yes, that's true. More specifically, liberals try to change things for the worse. And conservatives are trying to prevent them from destroying society.


Now that you mention it, that is an interesting comparison.