What does it mean when a guy says you saved his life?

I developed a crush on this guy a couple of weeks ago when I saw him the other day he was all over me and looked to me and said that I “saved his life” ..what does that mean?


If you didn't literally save his life he's a drama queen.


He wants to get into your pants...


You would have to ask him. We have no idea.


Did you screw him? If you did, that's why. Otherwise, how would we know? Ask *him* what he means. . .


In the sense that Elton John used to sing about.


My ex probably saved my life. I needed her badly. I'm totally serious.


I've had my life literally save so often by one person I lost count. I also can't recall how often I returned those favors between green Cumberland Mountains and scorched Sierra Nevada. If I recall all my place names, I'm good.