In a bar, while I am still eating and having a drink, when bartender's shift ends, she insists on me paying what I owe so far. Can I say no?

I am eating at the bar and she just brings a check and says my shift ends. Can I refuse?


You could probably say no, but typically at bars you close out with the waitress/bartender who has been serving you. It ties them to sales and then also for her to get her tips. There's really no reason to not just pay the tab and then start a new one if you're staying.


The bar may have a policy that all checks need to be cashed out when a shift ends. She also may be concerned that she won't get her tip. She's had a long night, so don't hassle her.


Don't be inconsiderate, you obviously have never worked as a bartender server, just agree and pay/tip.


just pay, don't be a jerk

Jerry S

yes, but I would not say no.

Tad Dubious

You can, George, but why would you do that. Just pay the tab, mate.

Atheist Dude



You can, but you'll get into a fight with her and her 250 BF might come to her aid. Here's the deal. She wants you to pay up so she can close out her account and get her tip before she goes home. So just pay up and hope the next barista has a better attitude.


Yes you can, but it would be considered to be rude, because what they really they want to, A: clear all their sales off so the next bartender will have a starting point (management may expect or demand that they do this),or B: they want you to give them a tip before the end of their shift,because if you do it when the other bartender starts their shift, the new bartender would get the tip and not them.


in the US she relies on your Tip so if she served you it is only fair you pay here before she leaves


yes you did not know that would happen

Ace Shorty

She may have to clear all her sales off so the next bartender will have a starting point, I think you need to pay her.


You CAN do whatever you want, but that doesn't mean it is appropriate. Many restaurant workers are required to complete their sales and clear their till before going off of their shift. A bar isn't fine dining. In fact, may bars would ask for the payment before serving you. Grow up.

Gerry G

What could possibly be a reason that you would do that?!?


Sure but why?


It is odd practice to urge a patron to pay for their food and drink while they're still eating. If you feel that you are being rushed then you can address it with the management. You shouldn't be paying multiple bills for one visit. I would just say that I'd rather pay one bill at the end of my meal. If she gets pushy about it then you can always wait to tip at the end of your meal. If she wants the tip then she'll have to wait for it instead of harassing you mid-meal. The other people commenting that you are somehow inconsiderate or in the wrong for expecting proper service as a paying patron have it all backwards. The lady who is interrupting your meal to suit her own agenda is the only one being rude. That is tacky on her part and she shouldn't be doing that; especially without establishing that with your before you ordered food.


Yes- but that means he/she will not receive a tip for their work

Beverly S

She's asking so she can get her tip..

pit bulls bite

she wants HER tips

Marie And Alan

In theory, yes .....but it would be rather inconsiderate.

The Lord Humungus.

Sure Doesn't mean they have to let you sit there and not pay. They can ask you to pay at any god damn point they want including when it is convenient for them due to their accounting system.


stop being an assholio and pay the girl,,,,,, what a dick


You probably could but why would you make the bartenders job harder? Many places have a policy that the tills must balance before the off going shift can leave