If my privide school for my son is $5,800 year how much financial aid will I get?



fill out your FAFSA to find out


Hopefully, none. If you can afford to send your child to private school, you shouldn't need financial aid. If you need financial aid, you shouldn't send your child to private school. Why should the American taxpayers support your personal choice to spend unnecessary money?


With your spelling, none.


Your question makes no sense. Try again with better details.


Private schools aren’t worth the cost. The only benefit you’ll get from sending your kid there is bragging rights and your kid will have slightly better computers. Private and religious schools have really messed up activities and subjects, a close friend of mine came from a private girl’s catholic school and she was taught that the only jobs she would be able to hold “as a woman were teaching, nursing, care, and a few other ones. Never anything about computer engineering, construction, or science. If you’re in Australia or the UK, send your kid to a public school. It’s worth it, I’ve been in both private and public, the private kids act like they’re better than others. Lots of private schools also have ****** up “initiation” things that the older students force youngest through by humiliation, bullying and manipulation. Don’t send your kid to a girls, or boys only school. It’ll only make them socially awkward and weird. We kids to know people who are different, trust me.