Are there any clubs/organizations for high school students who want to get into medical school?

There are many organizations for people who want to study business and law such as DECA, Business Professionals of America, Future Business Leaders of America, etc. I’ve been looking everywhere but there is no organizations for high school medical students except American Red Cross Club. Is there any clubs that I’ve missed and could be good on my college application and prepare me for medical school?


Concentrate on high school while you are in high school... clubs focusing on school improvement, fun activities, or community service. If you look too far down the road you may miss (or mess up) what is right in front of you.


If you live in a suburban or rural area, check to see if the local volunteer ambulance squad accepts junior members.


Really no, not in The U.S. anyway. The reason is two-fold but related: 1. Medicine is a graduate degree in the U.S., so what you do in high school isn’t really relevant. 2. Medicine is both very personal/private and can be life and death. A minor isn’t legally responsible for what they do, so they really can’t be involved. I would suggest and all of the following: 1. Look into a humanitarian trip with an organization like International Medical Relief. They do programs where high school students “aid” doctors treating people in 3rd world countries. 2. Ask your family doctor or any doctor you know about shadowing. Many doctors will allow a student to observe what happens in their practice for a week. 3. Consider volunteering at a hospital. Most hospitals have a training program where volunteers work in various areas. It isn’t medicine, but you’d get to see what happens in a hospital. It is a pretty big commitment. 4. Do whatever extracurricular activities you want. Your current goal is to get into the best university you can afford to attend so you get an undergraduate education that will get you into medical school.