Do any of you college graduates regret going to college? Do you feel like you were deceived about guaranteed success & career?



Not at all. My multiple college degrees allowed me to get a great job making good money.

ibu guru

There were never any guarantees.


going to college has never been a guarantee of future success.


guaranteed success & career? Who guaranteed anything? Never in my life have I been promised success, just that doing this or that. Will increase the odds. I know an aweful lot of kids that have gone to college over the last decade, and a fairly high %. At least in my mind, have gotten degree's in things like theater arts and hospitality. Worse yet, are their parents encouraging them to major in these stupid things. Minor in them fine, but major in a field where the odds are in ones favor.


There IS no guarantee. We were never offered one and, therefore, we were never deceived.