Would u still go to university to get your degree if you become 20 again and win 200 million dollars?



I don't think it would be the same experience, given I was as poor as a church mouse at that age. You have no need of qualifications if you have 200 million dollars, you can hire all the expertise you need.

Sam Spayed

Absolutely. I loved university. I might not have even graduated; I would have kept taking classes until they threw me out bodily. I probably wouldn't have gone to law school, though, since that was more to make a living than something that really interested me.

Norma Ellis

Yes. I would love to go to the University again. Not to study of course as I already have enough money but to enjoy college life and spend priceless time with friends.


I'd go to university again to get a second masters if I was physiologically 20 Yeats old again.


Of course not!


Probably. I wouldnt need to work, so might as well better myself through higher education. University might actually be fun if there was no pressure to graduate, and toyoi could.just take courses that interested you


Yes, I sure would. I didn't go to college to help my future career, I went in order to learn things that I couldn't learn anywhere else. I went so that I could master the skills and areas of knowledge in which I was interested.