Is university/college better than high school?

I understand that it's going to be more stressful, but are the people and teachers better? Is it more fun?

Felony Jayne

So much better! They treat you like an adult and the classes are interesting


Absolutely, so much more freedom.


Yes .. University/College is "better" than School if only because you have chosen the subjects that you are studying. It's not something that you "have to learn" !


The teachers in university/college don't yell like insane k-12 teachers. You can go to the bathroom whenever you want in univesity/college. Students in a university/college class aren't always as close compared to k-12. Almost no bullying happens in university/college. You can run in the hallways of university/college buildings.


Yes, it sure is.


Yes for many people it is better, BUT for many people it is a lot worse than high school. Many people can't make their own decisions, have no idea how manage time or manage money. They seem to think faculty members and college staff are substitute parents. They seem not tot realize that faculty and graduate students are human beings, not the enemy.