Is an Elementary Education degree only a Masters program in California?

I'm going to be done with my General Ed, Requirements soon at my Community College. But I would eventually and hopefully like to teach History/Art, or English at the middle school level. Do school districts only higher you for specific subjects at this grade level? And is Elementary Ed. only a Masters degree at the university level? Should I double major in History & Art if that is the case, and then get my Masters degree after I've completed those BA degrees? How does this work? I've only ever considered Computer Science as my BA degree, so I'm not sure how the Elementary Ed degree programs would work if I try to apply to them. Thanks in advance.


No, but not every college university offers a bachelors education degree program or an education major. Many states require a masters to teach at the high school and middle school level along with certification. They can and do offer certification programs.

ibu guru

Many states require a master's degree (M.Ed) with supervised student teaching to obtain teacher certification. You get your bachelor's in your intended subject area for teaching, then the teaching degree. You haven't done your homework. Look up requirements for teacher certification for the state(s) where you want to consider teaching.