How do I say this in my resume?

I am applying for all sorts of jobs. I graduated from my Associate s program, so I have my Associate s degree. Now, I am continuing onto my Bachelor s. In my professional summary it did say "Recent college graduate who has experience in...." but since I am still continuing. I don t know how to include it to have it be concise. I m not even sure if it is needed. If there is some other way of starting my professional summary. If needed. What s your thoughts on including professional summary and/or objective? Should I just leave it all out? Just include school and work experience? Thanks for any input!!


Your resume should be tailored to the job for which you are applying. Therefore, each resume should be somewhat different, depending on the job for which you are applying. What you are referring to would appear in the Education and Training section -- not in your "professional summary". In the Education section, you list the degree you have received, and you list the bachelors degree as "In progress, expected graduation 2020". In the "professional summary" section, you highlight your professional achievments. If you have none, leave it