Im a guy that hated middle/high school but loves college to the point where I kind of hate the weekends?

Idk my friends find me weird... Like I find college courses much easier than they were in high school and I just love showing up. It's to the point where I hate weekends and wouldn't mind going to classes for most of the day. Did you guys ever feel this way?


LOL!!! Most people hate junior hi, middle school, even kids who like school. Middle school is one of the most traumatic periods of anyone's life. All those hormones playing havoc with your emotions and your instincts, making you horny or frisky. That is totally normal. I changed high schools my junior year. My mother no longer had control over my life. Because the private school I went to had no bus service, I left the house with my father and came back either with my father or with a neighbor. That continued into college. I was in control of my actions, where I went to and I got there. I could even go home if I wanted to get on street car or bus, go down town and then get on the airport bus. Usually it made sense to come home with my father. His office was downtown. Tulane has two campuses. I understand your dread of weekends, especially if you are somewhere they roll up the sidewalks at 9 or 10 pm. Your transportation may be limited. Go to the library. I love libraries.