How do you become a art professor and is the job hard to get?

I know you need a bachelor in arts and master to teach at a college. when you're done with bachelor can you start teaching while doing masters. also when you apply for college professor jobs what are they looking for. (portfolio, etc?) And is it competitive to get in. Should I do early childhood education instead and minor in studio art?

Barry A

A professorship is hard to get. Even with a PhD, the field is very competitive


To teach art at a university in the U.S., you would need at an MFA degree. Some if not most universities would require someone on a professor track to have a Ph.D. in art. If you are a graduate student, you could get a TA job or graduate assistant position, but not an actual teaching position. Every university that offers fine arts hires art teachers. How many of those jobs are currently available is impossible to guess. Becoming a professor, earning tenure, is different than simply being hired to teach at a college. A professor would need approximately 7 years of university-level teaching, the appropriate MFA or Ph.D. degree and also produce and exhibit artwork on a regular basis.