I am going back to college at the age of 32, but I'm not sure what to study?

I was enrolled at a local state university for a while and decided to enlist in the Navy for 6 years. Now I'm trying to transition back to civilian life and complete my B.A. I've reached out to Ohio State University and they said that their veterans service's office would help me any questions on admissions. In terms of my eligibility, I completed 84 units with a GPA of 3.17. At the time, I was a Business major with an emphasis on Information Systems. Ohio State U requires me to apply for a major due to my transfer status. There is no undeclared option. Is it possible for me to declare a major and then change my mind later when I'm in school?

Laurie: Arrange to take 2 tests

Arrange to take 2 tests: an aptitude test and a career interest inventory. The first will suggest career based on your strongest natural abilities; the second will suggest careers that are based on your interests. Look for a career that is suggested by the results of BOTH tests. Work closely with the veterans service office; they know all the rules about what you can and cannot take, so that you will not owe extra money after the GI Bill reimbursement.


Yes, You are NOT making a legally binding commitment to a specific major. You might not be admitted to certain majors that require prerequisites. Some business colleges require you to apply for admission to the college for your junior year. You usually have to officially declare a major. Yes, you CAN change your major, multiple times, officially. You can change entire degree programs if you want. What did you do in the Navy? Logistics or mechanical stuff.? Talk to academic advisers once you have been admitted. Right now you can talk to admission advisers, but realize their job is to get you admitted , not to advise use you academically.