I need help getting into college please help :(?

Hi guys. So I’m a highschool senior and it is now February, and I’m hoping to get into university of Memphis. Their deadline says May or June which confuses me because why are people so pressured to apply now if some schools have late deadlines? Anyways I think my GPA Is like a 2.4, maybe a little higher or lower. I only took the ACT once, and got an 18. I plan on getting a book and studying hard and take it in April and get maybe a 21 or 22. Should I apply now and will they get my updated score later? Is there no way I can get in with my 18? Is their deadline actually in May or am I reading some other information? Someone please answer all of these, and I would seriously be so thankful.

Sam Spayed

While the admissions deadline is July 1, the scholarship deadline is December 1 the year before (so December 2018 for Fall 2019 admissions). So people need to get their applications in well ahead of time in order to be eligible for scholarships. That's the reason for the early rush. Also, housing is not guaranteed so the earlier you are admitted, the more likely it is you will get a dorm room. You would have to submit your updated ACT score to the university (they don't just "get" it) but as long as your application is complete by the admissions deadline you have a chance of admission. There is no minimum GPA or ACT/SAT requirement, but there is a comprehensive review and University of Memphis does not have 100% admissions rate. You could squeak by with your ACT score, but your GPA is well below acceptable levels. Regardless, how do you expect to function in college if you can barely get Cs in high school? Getting in to college is the easy part; the work in college will be far more difficult. I agree with those who are saying you'll be better off starting out at community college. You probably won't have a choice, regardless.

ibu guru

Your grades are too poor to qualify for admission to any reputable university. If you cannot handle high school-level material and earn at least 3.25 GPA, you really have no capacity to deal with far more difficult material at a faster pace. At this point, you do not qualify to apply for admission to any university. You have no choice but try to go to community college. If you can earn good grades there, perhaps you can transfer to a 4- year university. But with your grades, you probably should be considering vocational training programs instead of an academic program leading to an associate's degree. Doesn't matter what your parents want. You do not meet requirements to apply for admission, and have NO hope of getting into 4-year university & graduating at this point. Whether you can succeed in community college & qualify to transfer is up to you & your performance at CC.


Schools have deadlines for a reason, and you MUST abide by them, or they can use THAT as an excuse to deny admission... and most of them will. My advice to you, with an ACT score of 18 (or even with a 21 or 22), is to begin at community college, and then transfer to a four-year university after you can gain academic skill and confidence. When you get to community college, they will offer placement tests, usually in English composition, math, and chemistry. Be sure to enthusiastically take those tests, and pay attention to the results, because the test results will make sure you are not placed into a class that is beyond your capability -- and will, therefore, significantly increase your chances of success in college. If you are able to get really good grades in community college, THAT is what the four-year school will look at, not your high school record and your ACT. Good luck.

Concerned Citizen

Go to community college, get good grades and transfer