Should I join a sorority in college?

pros and cons


I have several nieces and nephews who were in Greek life. Years after they graduated, none of them had any help for getting any job from their frat/sorority. You have instant friends You have few/no other friends outside of the frat/sorority It occupies you. You have lots to do You have little time for any other social life. You can feel oblagated to attend all or most frat/sorority events, parties, activities. Many of these can be mandatory to attend. Dues alone can be $1200-$3000 each school year.plis you are spending money on frat/sorority gear for events. T shirts, shorts, sweats, socks, headbands, hoodies. Not a fan of frats/sororities. The cost alone would deter me.


My son is in a Fraternity and so I can discuss some of the pros and cons about that. You get more involved and connected. There are lots of social activities and even after graduating, it helps with networking for getting a job. Cons? He has to pay a membership fee of about 600 a semester. There are many things he's more or less expected to "volunteer" for. For example, they have a "dry ride" program where members pick up drunk Frat/Sorority members who call for a ride. You have to do like two hours a month unless you buy out of it, which means paying another frat brother to take your shift. For one year, he was the educational enforcement officer (that's not what they call it; they have a Greek name). You have to review all the member's grades and put them on warning or kick them out if they don't get at least a 2.5 GPA. So he made people sad/mad, even though it wasn't his fault. His fraternity has rival frats and sororities and they aren't supposed to hang out with or associate with members of those groups. It sort of limits things. Not that it matters, but his fraternity has about 90 members and he's one of only (about three or four) majoring in a STEM field and pretty much everyone is politically conservative Trump supporters. He's a libertarian more or less.


If it’s a good sorority it can help place you in your first job. There are also bragging rights because most sororities only accept high gpa’s.. Con: It cost money.You have to go to their meetings. You have to be active in their group. (This is a pro if you LIKE groups).. It really doesn’t make much of a difference in the long run career wise. I had three sororities and one science club asking me to join. I said no to them all. You may benefit from it. I already knew that I wouldn’t.