Should I go for a certification, an associates or just learn on my own?

I am going to give a little background, I have and undergraduate in Advertising and a masters in Environmental Safety & Health. I know... I have a masters and am looking for something else at the moment. There is a reasonable explanation, I have obtained a job within the Information Technology world as a system administrator and am looking into my options within the field. I have had my failures in life, but I will continue to push forward in an attempt to succeed until the day I die. My question is, do you think it would be worth while to obtain an associates in I.T. or obtain certifications, given that I already have a degree?


As I understand it, certificates are more useful in IT than a degree. Certificates are sometimes only useful for a certain number of years, and in IT it's especially important to keep up with the newest technologies and programming, thus the certifications change every so often depending on the business. So I'd suggest going to certificates rather than a degree. I know a couple people working in IT just from their certificates and no degree - they learn on their own, and just pass the certifications when they need to - and my boyfriend is currently working on his IT associates but he still needs to get a couple certificates afterward to be able to prove that he knows the recents.