I’m about to graduate college and have no interest in my future. I know what I want to do but I feel like my situation won’t allow for it.?

What can I do to stay motivated?


In which environment did you feel most comfortable in college? If you liked college and the studying it includes, then by all means continue your education towards a Ph.D program and become an instructor. If you studied just for the degree's sake, then you can work pretty much anything that draws you towards it. There had to be a few courses that you really liked, right? Otherwise, why choose the major in the first place? :) What about other activities? Like Music, Chess, Sports, etc. If you have any of these hobbies. you can turn them into actual paying jobs. Also, what is your situation that isn't allowing you to do the job you like? If it pays well, and in no sense unethical, then just go for it, and don't let anyone hold you back. And remember, the one that can hold you back the most is yourself. So break those barriers and go for it! :) Hope this helps you ^_^


Think about a job that generates income. Money opens many doors. You are fortunate that you have a career in mind.

Pearl L

if you know what you want to do just do it and you'll get nnotivated later